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What Is CE Markings?


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A CE Marking indicates that a product conforms to legal requirements in specific European technical standards known as harmonised European norms.

CE Markings are positioned prominently on either the product itself, or in the external packaging which surrounds it. Although this covers the entire European Economic area, the individual requirements specific to each country may differ.

CE Markings Windows & Doors

For windows and doors, CE Marking ensures that the products supplied by a manufacturer are both safe and built to industry standards and specifications.

Adherence to these criteria incorporates factory production control, as well as initial type testing, to weed out any potential design faults before the products are finalised for purchase by installers.

By following these criteria, home owners can rest assured that the quality of the products we use are in-keeping with the professional installations service we provide.

Declaration of Performance (DOP)

When it comes to double glazing, knowing that you’re products have been strictly tested to meet stringent requirements is essential.

The Declaration of Performance (DOP) Certificate identifies that your glazed Windows and Doors purchased from Aspen Home Improvements comply with the European Standard ‘CE’ Marking.

From July 2013 onwards it became a legal requirement for all building materials to adhere to the CE Markings set out by the Construction Products Regulation.

Another benefit of The Declaration of Performance (DOP) Certificate is traceability. As a consumer, it’s your right to know where the product you’ve purchased comes from.

This is where the DOP certificate proves beneficial. It was created in order to inspire consumer confidence in the quality and longevity of products.

The transparency it provides is very reassuring, as it increases awareness of the complete double glazing process, from the sourcing of materials and manufacturing, right through to survey and installation.

Your Energy Efficiency Rating

By installing energy efficient glazing in your home, you could reduce your energy bills and overall output by up to 20%, which is the government’s advised target per household.

If you have windows and doors which are single-glazed, then it’s paramount that you get them fully double-glazed in time for winter.

Your energy efficiency rating should be no lower than ‘C-rated’, although upgrading to A-rated is highly recommended if you want to cut down on your energy bills for the long-term.

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