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Certass Limited is a UKAS accredited certification body that manages a product certification scheme names the 'Thermal Ratings Register'. This register ensures that all members of this scheme install replacement windows and doors that comply with the thermal guidelines set out by UK Building Regulations. 
Membership to Certass is not guaranteed – in order to become a member, companies are assessed both technically and financially in line to make sure that they meet set criteria and standards. 

All Certass Thermal Rating Register members use a consumer-friendly A-G rating when grading their glazing, which enables homeowners to make the most informed choice regarding replacement windows and doors. This means that you will be able to determine how well a window and/or door will perform in regards to:

Containing and conserving heat during the colder months
Resisting condensation
Sound insulation
Repelling the wind

Our Commitment

At Aspen Home Improvements, we are committed to manufacturing windows, doors, conservatories and orangeries that comply with the very latest energy efficiency ratings. Our innovative, market-leading products are designed using the most modern, advanced glazing and frame technology. 

All of our windows, doors and conservatories come supplied with the consumer-friendly Certass traffic light energy ratings label, which encapsulates out ongoing commitment to providing our customers with optimum insulation at the best possible price. 

Energy Efficient Windows, Doors, Conservatories and Orangeries

The benefits of installing replacement windows, doors, conservatories and orangeries with a high energy efficiency rating are numerous. 

For example, if you live in an area prone to damp and rot, energy efficient double glazing can help to prevent this from occurring. Our glazing resists condensation, meaning that rather than 'streaming morning windows', you will wake up to a clear and bright view of the outdoors. 

In addition, a high Certass energy rating is also paramount if you’re considering selling your home in the future. The government’s ongoing drive to cut carbon emissions, and improve the self-sufficiency of properties, means that having an energy efficient home has never been more topical.

Potential buyers want to know that the home they’re buying has solid, investment potential; put simply, the more energy efficient a home is, the more likely it is to be a worthwhile, long-term investment.

Your Home's Energy Efficiency Rating

By installing energy efficient glazing in your home, you could reduce your energy bills and overall output by up to 20%, which is the government’s advised target per household.

If you have windows and doors that are single-glazed, then it is essential that you get them fully double-glazed in time for winter.

Your energy efficiency rating should be no lower than ‘C-rated’, although upgrading to A-rated is highly recommended if you want to cut down on your energy bills for the long-term.

Unbeaten Prices

Aspen Home Improvements offers fantastic competitive prices across our entire range of products. For a free consultation and a no obligation quote, please call us on 01277 888 055.

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