Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some FAQs relating to Aspen Home Improvements
and the services we provide...

What products do Aspen offer?

At Aspen Home Improvements we are able to offer a full range of products, from double glazing doors through to double glazing windows, conservatories and flat roofs and fascias.

Why should I consider double glazing?

Double glazing has many benefits including security, increasing your energy rating and reducing sound from outside of the building.

Can you tell me more about Energy Rating?

Your property will have an energy rating band between A and E, A being the highest and E, the lowest. The rating is calculated by measuring energy efficiency; if you sell your property, a higher rating will be more attractive to a buyer as it will suggest lower energy bills.

How do I choose a double-glazing company?

There are so many companies to choose from. We would strongly suggest that you follow a referral, review or testimonial. Consider asking to speak to a previous customer for honest feedback on a company’s service standards. It is also useful to see what accreditations your installer carries. Aspen Home Improvements is proud to be a Certass Certified Contractor.

How much does it cost?

Prices can vary dramatically depending on personal need. All quotations are without obligation and tailor-made to your exact needs. Why not enquire today for more information?

Do I need planning permission?

Building Regulations require that they need to be informed (and appropriate fee paid) or your chosen company will do this for you if they are registered under the Fensa Scheme.

How long will it take to install?

Once you have accepted our bespoke quotation, your products will be made and we will then agree an installation date with you. No single order is the same so our representative will explain the likely lead-times for your chosen products and design.

Can I choose the colour?

Yes! There are many variables available when you place your order. Consider the style and colours in your area to be sympathetic to the design of your property. Our representative will be happy to guide you on this.

What maintenance is necessary following my installation?

Aluminium and PVC frames can be easily cleaned with washing up liquid and water and door locks/hinges may require occasional lubricating oil applications and cleaning to ensure their smooth operation.
Aftercare is a simple process and one which we will explain to you in more detail.

Why do I get condensation on my windows?

The reason for your condensation is relative to the location of it, whether inside, outside or in between the panes. We can offer advice and guidance on how to resolve this. Contact us today for an informal conversation.

Please get in touch if you have an additional question.

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