French Doors

French Doors

From crisp, clean white upvc, to elegantly authentic woodgrain.
You can be sure to find the best-fit styles and colours for your property


French Doors by Aspen Home Improvements UK Ltd

When it comes to choosing French doors for your property, you want to know that your new glazing will work as well as it looks.

Here at Aspen Home Improvements, we aim to match form with function.

French doors can easily replace many existing doors, and can also be used to convert existing windows into a large open doorway.

It’s also good to consider how French doors can greatly open up the visual scope of your property. They create the perfect transition between indoors and outdoors, providing you with a panoramic view of your garden in all its full blooming glory.

Low-Threshold Options

For customers with impaired mobility, our low threshold French doors are the perfect option. Stylistically sound, they come in a wide variety of slick, high-quality finishes.

Yet unlike traditional French Doors, where a 30mm cill is the standard, our low threshold French doors are built to the specifications needed to maximise your comfort and convenience.

They can also be custom-made to enable a large wheelchair to fit easily through them, providing you with improved accessibility to your property.

Additional Extras

We also offer our customers a selection of additional extras, including side screens and dual handles. Installing one of our side screens alongside your French Doors is an ideal way to increase the amount of natural light available, as well as providing improved visibility.

We can provide brickwork up to the side screens, enabling your brand new French doors and side screens to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your property’s exterior.

Security Assurance

As far as locking systems go, we have numerous security systems available, although many of our customers favour our dual handle systems, as they are a lot less fiddly than the traditional one-handle systems. For extra security, you may want to opt for a frosted glass effect.

Not only does this inhibit visibility for potential intruders, it also offers you seclusion and privacy, whilst simultaneously looking decadently decorative, and adding a great deal of curb appeal to your property.

Energy Efficient

There are multiple benefits of installing French Doors to your home in Essex.

They can help prevent rot and damp by reducing condensation, meaning you never have to deal with the ‘steamy morning windows’ again.

By installing energy efficient glazing in your home, you could reduce your energy bills and overall output by up to 20%. This meets the government’s advised household target.

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