Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding Sash Windows

From crisp, clean white upvc, to elegantly authentic woodgrain.
You can be sure to find the best-fit styles and colours for your property


Sliding Sash Windows by Aspen Home Improvements UK Ltd

Put the style back into your Essex home with our UPVC sliding sash windows.

Our sliding sash windows are manufactured using the very latest production techniques.

Combining classic, elegant detailing with modern UPVC technology, our sash windows are ideal for those looking to maintain their property’s period design and tradition. These windows are both charming and full of character.

Cutting Edge Design

Our product incorporates low line beads, enhanced weather protection and inward opening sashes which allow ease of access.

Their innovative design uses an aluminium security bar which makes them strong, secure and incredibly low maintenance.

This security bar also prevents the bottom sash from forcibly being opened.


All our windows are colour fast. This means they won’t discolour or turn yellow over a period of time. Choose from the following finishes:

  • White
  • Cream
  • Light Oak
  • Rosewood
  • White Woodgrain
  • Colour bonded (any RAL colour)

Low Maintenance

In these busy modern times, investing in low-maintenance windows makes a great deal of sense. The great thing about UPVC sash window is that they are pretty much maintenance free. A quick wipe clean is all that’s needed to keep your sliding sash windows suitably sparkling.

Unlike traditional wooden frames, which require constant repainting and varnishing, UPVC sash window frames are far more durable, needing only a quick wipe clean with a warm damp cloth every six months at most.

Built To Last

Choosing windows with increased longevity is paramount. Cheap, poor quality windows may seem like a bargain to begin with, but they’re unlikely to stand the test of time. This is especially the case during the winter months, when strong winds and rain are prominent.

This is where sash windows really score; they are much less prone to rotting and distortion than other types of windows, thanks to their sturdy, resilient boxed frames. Their strong, solid structure prevents rain from entering, as they can be closed down to a narrow gap, even in the midst of a torrential downpour!

Investment Potential

There’s no denying it; installing sliding sash windows in your home is the ideal way of increasing your property’s investment potential. Many potential buyers are attracted by the cool, crisp lines of brand new glazing, as it provides an instant facelift for tired and worn looking frontages.

The timeless elegance of sash windows can prove to be a real visual draw for buyers, creating an authentic, cottagey feel. Think of it this way: in the eyes of the buyer, brand new glazing in a property means one less job for them to have to do when they move in.

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